2016-2017 Agenda

Events Committee

Alexa Grzech • Priyanka Juneja

This committe is tasked with one main goal: to plan and execute events that help foster an Ivan Allen community. Among the most important events is the Ivan Allen Kickoff: an event early on in the Fall Semester where all incoming Ivan Allen College freshmen can get to know future classmates, professors, school chairs and the College Dean.

Marketing & Empowerment Committee

Meghan Lowther • William Cormier • Alex Zambito

This committe focuses on promoting Ivan Allen College visibility on campus. Projects include creating informational and inspirational murals for each Ivan Allen College school, collecting student feedback, and representing the Board and the school at different events across campus.

Student-Faculty Relations

Rachel Jinks  • James Walker

This committe focuses on promoting relations between the student and faculty bodies.

Recruitment Committee

Zara Albright • Jasper Narvil

This committee is responsible for maintaining School representation on the Board and ensuring the appropriate number of members by conducting a College-wide recruitment each fall semester. The process entails a marketing and advertising period, facilitation and evaluation of the written application, conducting interviews, and offering positions to the accepted candidates.

Senior Focus Group

Zara Albright

The purpose of the Senior Focus Group is to assist each School in the College with their mandatory re-accreditation process by providing constructive feedback on academics, career advising, and any other relevant student services it provides. This committee hosts multiple feedback sessions with graduating seniors, and compiles the feedback in a comprehensive report given to the School.