2018-2019 Agenda

Atlanta Community Outreach 

Cade Lawson • Ahiliya Nat • Gina Piazza • Abby Thien

This committee's main focus is to establish a relationship between Ivan Allen College and the Atlanta community. The committee's goal is to provide a way for IAC students to interact with the community that surrounds Georgia Tech, primarily through community service.

Ivan Allen College Community Engagement 

Gabby Oliverio • Raegan Allister • Aiyanna Lowery • Noelle Pickard • Parker Reed

This committee is tasked with providing a social outlet for IAC students through collaborative and competitive events. The committee has organized a major versus major competition that will have several event nights throughout the spring 2018 semester. The dates are bowling: February 27th at 7:30-9:30 in Tech Rec, karaoke: at Under the Couch on March 7th at 7:30-9:30, trivia: at the Barnes and Noble Starbucks on April 5th at 7. Everyone is invited! Ivan Allen students, faculty, and friends will come together and compete, non Ivan Allen students representing the major of their choosing. We encourage faculty to create student teams for each event and for students to create their own teams. We hope to see you all there! 

Career Development 

Lucy Groves • Aradhana Chandra • Zoie Konneker • Henry Tharpe

This committee is responsible for connecting students to career resources. The committee is currently working to establish an Ivan Allen mentorship program that will allow underclassmen to gain access to the knowledge and experience of soon to be graduates. The team is also working with campus services to craft events and opportunities for Ivan Allen students to gain skills and form networks that will eventually lead to successful careers. 

Academic Success 

Audra Murphey • Raina Parikh • Parker Reed • Mack Wilson

This committee is responsible for connecting students to resources that will facilitate academic success. The committee is working to help Ivan Allen students thrive at Georgia Tech.