Major Cup

The Ivan Allen Cup is a competition that includes Ivan Allen students, faculty, IAC organization members, and friends. The Cup will have three social events where students can form teams, compete, and get to know each other. All the events are free and are hosted by the Ivan Allen Student Advisory Board! You don't have to be an Ivan Allen student to come, so spread the word! Feel free to form teams as a combination of several majors, schools, organizations, or just friends.

The first event in the 2019 Ivan Allen Cup was karaoke at Under the Couch on Tuesday, February 5th, from 7-9PM. This event featured FREE PIZZA and faculty judges! It was a drop in at any time event.
The second event was a scavenger hunt in Clough on February 18th, from 7-8PM. We met at the Culc stairs and the hunt was within the Culc.
The third and final event was trivia at the Georgia Tech Barnes and Noble Starbucks on Monday, March 4th, at 7PM. The cup winner was be announced at the end of trivia; the winning team being presented with a trophy.
 All events were free and there was a discount for competitors at the Starbucks on the night of trivia, along with prizes for the top three winners. The Cup was designed to help other Ivan Allen students meet, and have fun while doing it.

Please contact if you have any questions.

The final results for the 2019 Cup were:

  • 1st: Model UN
  • 2nd: International Affairs
  • 3rd: Public Policy

Make sure to come out to keep an out for the 2020 cup in the spring!